“Teach them his decrees and instructions and show them the way they are to live and how they are to behave.”  Exodus 19:20

Sunday School is for adults as well as children and Mountain View UMC offers something for everybody. No matter what age, there’s always something wonderful to learn about God the Father Almighty, his son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit — lessons can help us better live the Christian life.

For Children….

At Mountain View UMC, Christian Education for children begins in the nursery from birth to 4 years old where they learn to relate to others with kindness, love and sharing. They hear of God and Jesus routinely in readings, stories, songs and activities. It’s not babysitting…its Christian growth and development


Children preschool to 8th grade attend Children’s Church year round. No summer break here! Classes follow a Methodist recommended learning plan for kids teaching the message through word, visuals and music.

The best reward reported by teachers is seeing the growth from year to year and the joy that kids “want to come!”

For Adults…

Adults usually get a few options for their continuing Christian education. Harmony Class is the longest-standing, year round, adult class at Mountain View UMC. It is totally “biblical based” and focuses on the message of that Sunday’s worship service.


Additional special short term classes are offered focused on a specific Christian book/author; or, planned around holy seasons of Advent or Lent.

Mountain View UMC also has been offering the Disciple Series which is a weekly study spanning up to 36 weeks annually. The entire series takes four years to complete, but is open at any point to individuals who have completed the first year of study. 

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