So He shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, And guided them with his skillful hands.”  Psalm 78:72


Leadership Council is a 14-member group including the Pastor and Lay Leader, that meets four times a year to review all matters of church operation and mission specifically for Mountain View United Methodist Church (MVUMC). The Council — is watchful over all the practical matters of operating a religious institution. They bring their knowledge, expertise and willing hands to the task. They encourage open discussion and new ideas that will streamline the daily work of maintaining buildings, establishing worship practices and taking the love of the church to the community.

Considerations are given to local need and impact as well as fulfilling the over-riding goal of the United Methodist Church “making disciples for Jesus Christ for transformation of the world.”

Generally, these discussions reflect issues in three areas:

  • Serving our neighbors through:

– Christian Education (Bible study for youth and adults)

– Service actives and ministries that reach with love outside the walls of the church

  • Serving the church and its members through:

– United Methodist Men (projects done together for the benefit of the church and fellowship activities to strengthen Christian ties)

– United Methodist Women (women joining forces for specific purposes to benefit the church while growing Christian friendships)

– Staff Pastor Parish Relations (strengthening relationships so members work together in understanding toward common goals)

  • Establishing church operations and maintenance through:

– Worship (all components of the worship experience — music, sound, decorations and presentations)

– Church Administration (office functions and general communication efforts)

– Finance (income, giving and expenses)

– Trustees (property maintenance and management)