“There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.”   I Corinthians 12:5

The purpose of the church as a body of Christ is to serve all.

We are responsible to share God’s love with others. To the sad, the lonely, the hungry and those who are unable to leave their homes, or have no safe haven, we serve…offering hope in the name of Jesus Christ.

How the church meets those responsibilities through different kinds of service to the congregation and to others is guided by the 14 member Leadership Council and is accomplished by the volunteers of the congregation.

Examples of how the Mountain View UMC ministries serve the Cottonwood area:

Food Bank for those who can’t afford food

Bible Study for those who have difficulty getting to church or with personal learning goals

The Gathering a special setting for individuals otherwise uncomfortable in a traditional church setting

Senior Ministries keeping an eye on the needs of the aging members

Widows Group sharing in times of grief

Picnic in the Park a full meal for those who might otherwise not eat

Christian Education for youth and adults

Weekly Youth Program for children up to junior high school

Special missions donations to support local and national charities