”The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.” (1Corinthians 2:10)

Worshiping Him. Worship is how we express gratitude for His love and his care for us. This is how we ask for His guidance, help in healing, and patience through suffering. It is in worship that we receive all our blessings.


Because we are always striving to build meaningful, long-term relationships with the church and its people, through every means possible, Mountain View United Methodist Church (MVUMC) Sunday Worship includes:

  • Hospitality “Coffee Hour”
  • Nursery care for small children
  • Sunday School for youth
  • Bible study sessions for adults
  • Sunday Service including a special Children’s Message

Worship is the key to everything that happens in the sanctuary from how service is conducted to how the sanctuary looks. Every element of sight and sound are provided to be reverent and relevant to the experience of worship.


Whether for the praise band, choir, or soloists, music is chosen with care to relate to the message of the day, religious season or “feel” of the occasion as well as how to best use the talents of the musicians/singers. Music brings joy to the service through a variety of musical styles and is a way to join the hearts of the congregation.

Teams of volunteers help make the sights and sounds revolve around the pastoral message. Volunteers in the sound booth manage the technology of microphones, speakers and visual presentation. Other volunteers decorate the sanctuary with banners, altar and ceiling drapery, flowers and other visual enhancements. Ushers, greeters, liturgists, and communion stewards assist with portions of the service. These teams are all crucial to the worship experience and make the MVUMC a place of warmth and love for members and visitors.